Festival of Nature Map and Podcast - Cabot Institute


Also available on Spotify here

Bristol's Festival of Nature (June 5th - 12th 2021) celebrates all things green, and this year Cabot Institute at the University of Bristol commissioned this public engagement project to showcase their Master's of Global Environmental Challenges research. 

I worked closely with the Masters students to develop a project proposal they were happy with, which offered a taster of each of their diverse research themes around nature and climate change. The students were interested in an audio piece, and the idea evolved to become an illustrated audio trail using a map from home or in person at Castle Park in central Bristol. 

The audio piece links the research themes to different areas of the park in the Old City on the edge of the New Cut river, bringing in themes of sustainable farming, package free shopping, wildlife documentaries and much more. 

A large banner of the map was also created as a visual prompt to engage passers by in the park, and paper maps were printed with themed questions on the back for the public to respond to.