Oxford University Press - I Teach Because


Oxford University Press, English Language Teaching division, invited me to create an interactive artwork to be a focal point in their Networking Zone at International Teaching English Conference IATEFL in Brighton, April 2024. 

I designed a colourful patchwork of hexagons, to resemble a quilt being gradually pieced together with each person's contribution. Attendees were invited to write or draw their reasons for teaching English and connect them with string to create a web of commonality across the wall and throughout the 5 days of the conference.

The design was used across OUP's Wellbeing Journal which featured reflective prompts for teachers as well as a colouring page for doodling. 

The artwork brought together hundreds of teachers throughout the event and incredible reasons for teaching were shared: 'I teach because I hated the way I was taught', 'I teach to change the world' and 'I teach to plant seeds for the future'.