Skillshare: Draw and Sew a Square Scarf
Hemming Still

Skillshare: Draw and Sew a Square Scarf


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Skillshare: Design and Sew a Square Scarf

In this class you will learn how to design, print and sew your own square scarf inspired by your travels.

We will collate inspiration from our adventures, make a moodboard and colour palette, then use Procreate’s symmetry and assisted drawing tools to make a square reflective repeat design.

We will send our design to be digitally printed on silk, satin or cotton then hem it by hand to make our own unique scarf!

The scarf can be enjoyed and worn by you, gifted to a friend or family or used as a prototype for new textile products as part of your creative practice.

If you are an illustrator, artist or creative soul with some experience of Procreate who would love to explore textiles as a creative output then this class is for you.

You will need:

  • An iPad or tablet with Procreate
  • Photoshop
  • Needle, thread and fabric scissors
  • Newspaper or card to make a template and tape measure
  • To purchase your digital fabric printed at 75cm x 75cm (from $9 for cotton)
  • Optional: to purchase a digital scarf mock up (usually $15 - 18)


  • Procreate Symmetry Demo
  • Photoshop Scarf Printing Guide

Why you should join!

I am a participatory artist and illustrator with ten years experience facilitating workshops with communities of diverse ages and backgrounds. I love encouraging others to discover new ways to be creative and to broaden their own perspective of their creative practice. If you would like to get inspired, learn new ways to explore illustration and discover the world of illustrated textiles then come and get involved!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in the class!


“This was an excellent and highly enjoyable class. Ellie is engaging and organised in her approach and takes the steps at the right pace for those new to the process; but doesn’t lose those familiar with Procreate. You will learn quite a few techniques in this course which could possibly lead to a serious scarf addiction. I know I’m hooked. I look forward to more classes from this talented young woman.”
Helaine, Skillshare student